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Songs from the Universe, Part 2 - Your Choices

Which Direction Are You Headed?

Why wouldn’t anyone want the harmony, unity, love, goodness, and peace being brought to the universe for everyone by the good order of Cosmos?

Well, let’s continue to look at this. Cosmos refers to the entire infinite space and galaxies. It is everything in Totality. The physical Cosmos is a macro representative of the micro Cosmos that is inside of every person. Cosmos represents levels of intellect, levels of mind.

The first part of Cosmos is Cos. It is the Summit or high places in your mind. On the journey to a higher mind, one enters roses, palm trees, and fairness. These all represent phases of consciousness in the person who is seeking the Spiritual Mind but is not quite there.

These are only part of your journey to the final destination. Yet you still get to enjoy them in your mind and as a part of your life. For example, you will encounter a phase called the roses. This phase of roses symbolizes a phase for love or human affection. It is the symbol of the love thoughts that will begin to fill your mind for everyone.

The palm tree is the symbol of conquering power. It indicates having victory and conquering power over your errors in thoughts and deeds. This palm tree is still just a small symbol and not the completion of this power because it is still based on sense thoughts and beliefs. This means the mind is still under perception, feeling, undertaking, and needed the meaning. Your mind has not completely gone to the higher place of spirituality. One must still come to complete knowing and understanding of these things on the higher plane. However, the symbols of the palm trees begin to show themselves in your life. They begin to create harmony, in addition to helping to build your mind, body, and affairs.

Fairness represents a mind that is fair, upright, honest, and unbiased. It is established, and it draws to you favorable and desirable conditions for you to enjoy. Again, this is not the final destination but look at the things you get to enjoy along the way.

So again, who wouldn’t want this type of order created from the Cosmos of their minds?

The answer here is Chaotic beings, those with chaotic minds.

Chaos does not want order and oneness in the universe. Chaos especially does not want the order of the Cosmos. Like its name, Chaos stirs up and loves confusion. Chaos loves disorder and disharmony. Remember this god Chaos is said to represent either the primeval emptiness of the universe (everything and everybody) or the abyss.

Primeval is the “first” emptiness and the state of being void spoken of in Genesis. Empty is the state of or mind containing nothing. Empty is a mind at leisure, a mind not occupied, a mind unmarried to the of Yahweh. This is a mind without measure (standards) and without fear. Because of these things, this type of mind is void and has no creative power.

The abyss in the chaos definition is the depths of the earth or sea and primordial chaos. It is also defined as the bottomless pit and Hell. It is an especially important part of this description because bottom-less describes why this mind is in the abyss. Bottom-less means these types of minds have no foundation. This mind has nothing to stand on. This mind is without the fundamental character and essence needed to take a stand even when they know they need to take a stand. Or they are a mind that just does not know anything else because they are lost in the abyss of the chaos they have created in their lives.

The whole idea behind these two mindsets is to open one’s minds to and show clarity between the two minds. When you can see the two minds, it allows you to choose between the two types of minds. You can ask yourself, are you on the mental journal of moving towards Spiritual Peace with its wonderful highlights along the way. Or are you moving towards Chaos with its drama and problems? Either road will call for a Strong Foundation.

“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7:13-14 KJV

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