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Learn the Spiritual Power of Giving



A tithe is the tenth part.  The tithe (originally of produce) is due as support of the clergy.  Clergy is a place for learning, knowledge, erudition.  It is a place for learned men and women (minds), the men (minds) of the Holy Order.  These are the Royal Priesthood.  These are the only ones qualify to teach on Spiritual Things.


Tithes are supposed to be paid to the place where you are taught to rise and stand up in righteousness.  Tithes go to a place with moral and spiritual teachings and teachers.  Tithes go to the place where you learn to become producers and creators. Tithes must be paid where the one (1) greater and mightier than (+) completion and full development (9) can teach you how to become complete and fully developed.  Now, there is a little meat for you.


1+9 is 10

That is Yahweh.  The Yod is 10.   יהווה


Our tenth part - our tithes belong to Yahweh.

It is Yahweh along who will give us the (Spiritual and Mental) Power get Wealth.  Then you do not have to worry about the physical wealth you will become a Creator.

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