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A tithe is the tenth part.  The tithe (originally of produce) is due as support of the clergy.  Clergy is a place for learning, knowledge, erudition.  

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Donations help to foster our growth.  They support our mission and they are reciprocal under the Law of Giving and Receiving.  Your donations help us to create more enlightenment for you. Donations Help Us Soar


Offerings are a form of worship.  They have an impact on your mind and faith.  Offerings are what you bring or put forward to Yahweh to show that you are ready to exhibit the Divine Mind.


A gift is an offering bestow to one from the heart.  It is a show of love and it is a show of fidelity, and a show of gratitude

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The Storehouse

Support our Mission. Allow Yahweh to open the windows of the Heavens of your mind.

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All Donations Made to Our Spiritual Organization are deductible.

If anything in our lessons, messages, books, or anywhere on our website has brought enlightenment to your mind.   Leave a one-time $12 donation or more, and allow Yahweh to Bless you.
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