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Learning to Love

Love is the first and greatest commandment. We are to love Yahweh and also love one another. There is no Peace without Love. You will never reach peace unless you first learn to love. Love is the Foundation of Peace. Love comes before peace, and you see these very clearly in the bible. Love coming before peace is the reason David came before Solomon. David means love or be-loved, and Solomon means peace. David is Solomon’s father. He bore or created Solomon. This action represents the spiritual knowledge that love comes before peace, and that love creates peace. David was first just like love is first.

David, being love, is also why David was chosen by Yahweh to be king over Israel. The

ruler of the Kingdom was always and shall always be with the house of David, as well as with the seed of David. ~Zechariah 12:8 KJV

Israel represents that part of our minds that has the ability to contend for God Yahweh. It is that part that keeps us striving for God Yahweh. It is our contending with and then prevailing over anything and everything that establishes dominion of your mind and rulership with Yahweh. The Mind unities with Spirit and creates omnipotence, the power of God in Israel. However, this only happens after we have learned to love. Love is first, and love is what causes everything to come together.

Love is spiritual, mental, and physical. Spiritual Love or Divine Love is the idea of perfect unity with Yahweh. David was spiritually anointed by the Prophet Samuel. Samuel means God Yahweh has heard, instructed of Yahweh, and represents spiritual discernment. Samuel is our ability to hear the inner voice and to judge with spiritual discernment. It is wisdom that comes in stillness as the still small voice. This still small voice comes from the heart. Samuel anointed David – love - the heart.

The heart often represents love. The heart has many meanings, including the hollow muscular organ that circulates blood; the breast, soul, spirit, will, desire; courage, mind, and intellect. The heart is called “the seat of inmost feelings; the will; the seat of emotions, especially love and affection; and the seat of courage.” The heart also represents the “inner part of anything,” such as the heart of a matter or situation.

The heart is only a physical example of the invisible expression of an invisible center of consciousness. Spiritually the heart is the center from which the divine substance is poured forth. David, being the anointed of Yahweh, means that David became conscious of the real spiritual outpouring from the source of his being. We, too, must become conscious of this outpouring of Spirit from our source. To do this, we must first Learn to Love.

Learning to Love means we must show love and be loved. To show love to Yahweh and be loved by Yahweh, you must understand it means first, becoming a follower. You must be willing to become a follower.

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