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Thy King-Dom Come

Thy Kingdom Come (Full Message)

Let’s just start with this, “The Kingdom of God - Heaven is inside of you.” Luke 12:17.

If this is a shock to you, it is impertinent that you -Look It Up. This scripture is foundation knowledge. It means that you must understand this scripture before you are able to understand the rest of the information written in this lesson or any of the things written within our Kingdom of Shalom messages. So, where is the Kingdom of God - Heaven?

Kingdom is a powerful word. It represents a mindset. Kingdom is a realm and focuses on a higher realm of thoughts. These thoughts are noble in manner. This means, in the King-dom, is the Royal and Divine mind. This mindset brings about thoughts that are high, excellent, and superior. This mindset produces thoughts that dignify your mind, and they elevate your soul. This mind is Divine and creates divine thinking because the thoughts that come from it are lofty in tone and nature. These thoughts elevate you, and they create Shalom.

The Kingdom mindset is high above its opposite mindset. It is a high realm, and its opposite is a low mindset. This mindset has produced the realm we are currently living in - called the Earth. This is the reason we pray, “Thy Kingdom Come in or on Earth, as it is (already) in Heaven.”

We physically live on the earth, but Earth is also a mindset. It is the current manifestation formed by our current states of mind. This earthly mindset has also formed the various current conditions that we are living in today.

The earthly mindset was and is still present. You can see it in everything. This is the world that this mindset has produced. Although this root of information is like the oak tree, it goes very deep; for now, just know the earthly mindset means to conceive, see, or think of things only as physical. This carnal thinking is the creation, manifestation, and product of a carnal mind.

A carnal mind is a dead mindset. It produces the walking dead. This is because a carnal mind denies anything that it cannot see with its physical sees or that it cannot understand in a physical sense. Therefore, a carnal mind denies the spiritual and spirit because it cannot see or understand the spiritual. It just says, “spiritual does not exist.” Then it creates or makes-up its own meaning for how spiritual things have come into existence. It does not know nor understand the spiritual facts, so it creates a fiction (that which is invented or imagined in the mind).

Yet, spirit is another word for life. This is why the scripture says, “For to be carnally minded [is] death; but to be spiritually minded [is] life and peace.” ~Romans 8:6. A carnal mind is the opposite or in opposition to the spirit. Spirit is and creates life and peace. Therefore, the carnal or earthly mind being the opposite is and creates dead and chaos. Therefore, it is particularly important that you look up carnal to see if your mind is there.

SHALOM is a word of greeting in Hebrew. According to its etymology, shalom literally means “peace.” This peace is more appropriately “the completeness, soundness, and welfare” of your mind. Shalom stems from the root word of Shalam. Shalam means “was intact, was complete, was in good health.” Shalom and shalam are related to Arabic salaam, salima “was safe,” aslama “surrendered, submitted.”

The word “was” here in shalam shows a mental condition of the past. The word “was” used in these definitions tells us that the meanings of shalam, salima, and aslama is a past state of mind because the word “was” - is a past tense word for the word “be”. The word be means to live, exist in now. They define the word be as your current life, existence, and state of mind. The words be, is, are, and am all represent present tense, current states, or current conditions of the mind.

Shalom is having Peace Now. It represents a current state of internal peace in your mind. It is a mind free from civil disorder and chaos in your thinking. Shalom peace is Freedom. It is having spiritual peace in your heart, soul, and conscience. It is freedom from disturbances of passions. Passions are when you are forced to endure, undergo, or experience mental or physical suffering. These suffering include but are not limited to ailments, diseases, and afflictions. They include but are not limited to becoming free from things that disturb, distract, and afflict your emotions, desires, inclinations, and feelings.

They define a happy mind as “lucky” because you are able to create your own luck. You are favored by “fortune,” because you become a being who always finds themselves in advantageous, resourceful, and helpful circumstances. Those circumstances create prosperous ideas.

For a happy mind, things always turn out well. Happy comes from the root hap + -y. Hap means “chance, fortune” Hap is a noun. It is a thing. The -y in happy is the feeling of being “very glad.” Happy overall means to be “greatly pleased and content.” It comes from the root word eadig (from ead “wealth, riches”). A happy mind creates wealth and riches. Therefore, “happy” is defined as “lucky.” Because this mindset of happiness draws good fortune to it, and for other mindsets that do not understand happiness and shalom, it looks like it is “occurring by chance,” when in fact, this fortune is coming from the happy mindset created from the wisdom of happiness and peace.

“Wise” is another word for happy and the state of happiness. You must be wise in your understanding of shalom, peace, and happiness before you can create it. It all begins with the mind, your mind. This is what we pray for in Matthew 6:9-13 “Thy Kingdom Come.” We are asking for our lower minds to grasp or understand the higher knowledge and the spiritual realms, also called the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the wisdom that comes from Shalom, and what you will find at the Kingdom of Shalom. The Kingdom of Shalom Peace requires us to become wise and elevated in our thinking.

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